Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alfonzo Rachel

I want to share with you someone that I found during the 2008 election, someone I found particularly refreshing.  It's not just his conservative, Christian message that I enjoy so much, but his reasonable and yet solidly conservative views.  He is neither an unhinged fanatic nor an unprincipled conservative ready to appease liberals for the sake of political success.  The fact that he's also black and a great example of a black conservative is just a bonus.  His bio from his site:

Macho Sauce Productions was founded by AlfonZo Rachel. Rachel, born on Grissom AFB Indiana, has been in SoCal since diaperhood. Another kid whose mother raised him alone, lived in hard spots such as Delman Heights in San Bernardino, Rachel’s mom wanted to get him out of the hood, and the hood out of him. So, they moved into a low income housing area just outside of Palm Springs.

Rachel also has three older sisters who during those times more often stayed with other family members. The move was a culture shock for Rachel, as he was now going to school surrounded by privileged rich white kids. Rachel kept a chip on his shoulder, and didn’t try to fit in. Instead, he immersed himself in music, and psychotropic drugs. This formula cost Rachel his graduation. It was a sobering failure, and Rachel stopped using drugs. Rachel’s pursuit of music led him to Venice Beach. There he wandered through Ghost town trying to keep the music together, and floated through Hollywood, still falling short of his musical aspirations.

Rachel came back to the Palm Springs area to continue his martial arts training and education. He made a new flame out of an old one, married her, and opened his own martial arts school. The school left them broke after two years and he closed it down. Realizing that he used his gifts for his own satisfaction, Rachel now uses his talents to satisfy the Giver.He takes this as the wisest decision he's ever made.

Rachel is presently with PAJAMAS MEDIA / PJTV, where he does rapid fire right wing rants in a show called ZoNation.

 You can find his PJTV work here.

Here are just some his videos that I've enjoyed:

Before I found Alfonzo I had stated my belief that conservatism needed to steal a page out of the liberal playbook and spread their message through humor and pop culture (without cheapening or compromising it).   Alfonzo not only pulls this off, but he does it in a way that is genuine and not forced or artificial.  The jokes mix with his common sense conservatism well, and help emphasize his message while at the same time making it more enjoyable.  Of course he's not alone in this respect, Steven Crowder is another person who fits into this category so look him up too if you're interested.

Alfonzo was one of the reasons I made this site.  Not long before its creation I watched one of his videos in which he went over the hate mail he had received from liberals.  The mail, as one could expect, was filled with racist and hateful suggestions, all of which emphasized the point that liberal whites have a habit of looking at blacks only as equals if they fall in line.  The video has since been removed, but it was an excellent example of the left's vitriol toward free thinking blacks.

If you enjoyed Alfonzo's videos I suggest looking him up on youtube.  He's done quite a bit of work and it's all enjoyable.


  1. I LOVE Zo! Steven Crowder, too :)

  2. I nominate Zo for the GOP strategist. There are so many misinformed people and Zo just has a gift of breaking things down so everyone can understand.

  3. When -Zo found God, we found a prophet!

  4. awesome and Inspiring!

  5. The argument of those who oppose Mr. Rachel don't make sense because the principles he espouses don't belong to any particular ethnic group or political party. If that were the case, all "whites" would hold the same beliefs. These principles came from God who freely gave them to all of His creation.

    1. Great post. Glad to see you are a christian and hold to the word. I did the same; your old friend - Jory

  6. This guy is a joke

  7. If you think Alfonzo is a joke then you dear Anonymous are utterly and sadly ignorant.

  8. Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Joke. Why is Alfonzo joke?