Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Am I not a man and a brother?"

In August last year a black, conservative man was handing out Gadsen flags at a Tea Party rally in St. Louis when he was attacked and beaten by members of the SEIU who yelled racial slurs while beating him.  From the police report:

I then contacted Witness #1, Harris Himes.  Witness H. Himes stated that as he was leaving the school gymnasium, he saw Suspect McCowan talking to Victim Gladney.  He stated he saw Suspect McCowan reach over the table and punch Victim Gladney in the face.  This assault knocked the victim off balance.  Suspect Molens then went around the table and pulled Victim Gladney over the table backwards by the back of his shirt collar.  he began to punch and kick Victim Gladney.  Witness H. Himes added that while Suspect Molens was kicking and punching Victom Gladney, Suspect McCowan joined in on the assault.

Witness #2, Sandra Himes, statement of the incident concurred with Harris' account of the incident.  She did add that Victim Gladney did nothing to provoke this assault.


Gladney stated that he was handing out pens and buttons outside the gym.  He stated that is when Suspects Molens and McCowan, along with a third suspect who is unidentified at this time, walked by his table.  Suspect McCowan picked up one of the buttons from Gladney's table and said, "Who's sellin this shit?" Victim Gladney stated, "I'm not selling anything, it's free."  At this time Suspect McCowan said, "What kind of nigger are you?"  Suspect McCowan then reached across the table and punched Victim Gladney in the face.  Victim Gladney added that Suspect Molens grabbed him from behind, at which time he was struck several times and taken to the ground.  At this time he was struck several more times.  He doesn't know how many people struck him or how many times exactly he was struck after he was on the ground.

There was no outrage among the black community, no appeal from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or the NAACP for charges or justice.  No one lamenting "black on black" violence, or the attack on free thinking.  Just a silence that emphasize a message most conservatives already knew:  "You cannot be both black and conservative." To be both would make you a traitor, a dog, and below human in their eyes, and ff a "real" black man happened to attack you, then you probably deserved it.

So the event went ignored by the black community, and the media decided to ignore it as well.  After all such a beating would undermine their already weak "Racist Teabagger" narrative.

In my first post I wrote this:

In case you're wondering about the name of this blog I decided to give a little explanation. There's a particular hatred for Black Conservatives on the Left. The names they use to describe us say it all: Race Traitor, Uncle Tom, Oreo, Pet Monkey, among others. The message is clear "You cannot be both a Conservative and Black." You are forced to pick between your beliefs and your race.

It's an absurd thing, especially when you consider who it comes from. The people who claim to champion tolerance and free thought are the very same ones who become so outraged whenever someone dares to think differently. It is surreal to think that the rewards for freedom and equality are a loss of individuality and a demand to participate in group think. We must become what THEY want us to be.

Keep those words in mind as you watch a video released today showing a NAACP leader calling Kenneth Gladney an Uncle Tom, and basically saying he isn't black:

He's far too excited to praise political, racially motivated violence, especially for an organization that is supposed to protect blacks from those very things.  It's more than a little ironic that the organizations and people who fought for black equality now encourage violence against those who dare think differently then them. 

If any one video could be used as proof of the hypocrisy of black community, and evidence that black Americans - in general - are used as sheep for the far left, then this is it.  This is the  reason I made this blog, and the reason it's named "TheRaceTraitor".

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