Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The worst political video...

...and of course it was made by college progressives.

I honestly thought I was going to have to give it to the "Gather your armies" video which I found to be corny, fringy, and all together bad, even though it was popular among conservatives.  Of course I underestimated how young, ignorant, progressives have this ability to fail even your lowest expectations as if it were a continual source of pride.  Brace yourself, because you'll likely feel like the next three minutes of your life were stolen.

The link that's supposed to give me help me understand all this takes me to a page with one sentence that doesn't help at all.  I was hoping I was going to get something that would make sense of all of it, like an explanation for the title and phrase they use to replace Thriller, "Iller".  I can see that you dropped the first three letters of thriller, but does it actually have a point other than a questionable attempt at avoiding copyright infringement?  Or does it seriously mean "sicker", with sick meaning cool.  And even if that's the case,"Cooler nights"?  I still don't get it.

Failing an explanation I would of liked something that would of made me feel a bit sympathy for these kids.  Sure the video would still be awful, but at least I would feel bad for them instead of feeling like they're insufferable, ignorant, twits.

But no, instead I got this:  "Campus Progress created a video to push back on the notion that politically active young people are Zombies."

I'm not quite sure how having bad singing, a theme that doesn't make any sense, and an unoriginal video is suppose to make us think that you're not all, in fact, zombies, and the fact that nobody said "Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't release this terrible crap." just reinforces my belief that these people are completely morons.

I honestly expect better from a bunch of ten year olds with a camcorder and some free video editing software they found online.  The singing might be just as bad, but they would of had the good decency to give us a coherent theme and a few goofy, funny moments.

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