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Insanity on the Right

Having a large network of friends on facebook is interesting.  I've never "networked" before so it was fun meeting new people who had a similar interest in politics.  The vast majority of my friends are good people who post stories, pictures, and anything else they can get their hands on.  We disagree sometimes, but most have the sense to recognize that a little disagreement is healthy.  Every now and then you get something that is just not salvageable.  Usually it's a rare person who can't tolerate any disagreeing with them, but sometimes it's someone who truly believes something flat out insane.

I'm not actually sure how much of this needs or deserves a serious reply.  The vast majority of it so ridiculous that I think it speaks for itself.  The note was long too so I cut out parts.  Most of it is just mindless rhetoric anyways, but here you go:

Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler are one in the same. Both are very dark men who hide their ancestral roots and claim to be Christians, all to gain power and corrupt the free world with their Satanic ways.

I am very afraid of Barack Obama and you should be too. Hitler’s ultimate goal was to commit genocide and Obama supports the endless murder of babies. Let us look at the eerie similarities between these two dark souls.

The start and picture pretty much tell you exactly how this is going to go down:

1. Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler Obscured Their Origin

Obama: Barack Obama is not an American. He’s a Muslim.

Barack Obama and his socialist supporters circumvented the law, so he could inflict Soviet and Indonesian Sharia edict upon our land in preparation for a great war.

Hitler: Adolf Hitler was not a German. He was a genocidal socialist, just like Barack Obama.

Born in Austria, crippled and to a Jewish mother, Hitler grew up in squalor. Obama was also not wealthy in his upbringing.

While Hitler championed the talk of being poor and having to be a self-made man, he hid the fact that he was of Jewish ancestry. He hid the fact that he was a Godless atheist. Again, just like B. Hussein Obama. This is terrifying.

More often then not the Birther and Muslim lines go hand in hand, and sometimes you even get the "He's the anti-Christ!" thrown in there for good measure.  People who do this tend to be the exact people that the media try to claim all conservatives are, down to bringing up race in a manner that makes even me uncomfortable.  Lets continue on though.

Birthers are their own brand of special and there isn't much to say.  Give us proof or just go away.  Stop dragging the entire movement down with you.  We hear about them so much that I don't feel like I have to waste time with them.

The Muslim argument, however, isn't dealt with enough.  I have a simple question for everyone who thinks Obama is a Muslim:  Why?  Because he lived in Indonesia as a child?  By that logic couldn't I argue he's Christian because he spent most of his time in America going to Christian Churches?  If Obama is anything other than what he says he is wouldn't it be Atheist?  That would be the most logical choice for a man who thinks himself an intellectual and is commonly accused of being a socialist or communist.  Even for this particular author that argument would be far more rational and do more to help him draw a line between Hitler and Obama.  Instead he falls back on one of the most ridiculous and childish arguments.

The last argument in point number one is just icing on the cake.  Congratulations on discovering that politicians try to portray themselves as normal people who worked hard to get where they are.  Clearly this proves Obama is Hitler.

Point number two isn't numbered so I had to just assume that this was point number two:

Obama: People follow him blindly without question and his political rallies were held in stadiums.

People like “Obama Girl” make shameful propaganda videos in his name and Obama’s Youth sing chants to worship him and make him unto a Fuhrer.

Obama’s Youth are secretly trained to support genocide of the innocent and taught to hate their Christian American heritage, instilled by their Republican forefathers.

Wait WHAT?  Obama has an organization called the Obama Youth?  And they're being secretly trained to do what?

I've never really understood people like this (with Truthers being in the same boat).  If I had a private army that I had been training to slaughter anyone who disagrees with me you can bet that anyone who tried to blab about it would go "missing".  I certainly wouldn't let someone tell the world on their -facebook-.

Point number three has pictures that are supposed to show Obama and his supporters doing Nazi salutes.

3. Frightened Crowds Heil Pledge of Loyalty

To Obama and Hitler Obama: Barack Obama hates it when people pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; our one nation under God. Obama hates it so much that he publicly refuses to salute our nation’s flag.

As seen in the terrifying image above, Obama wants crowds to acknowledge him with ‘Heil Obama’ as no flag is seen on the podium, only his body. Obama often starts speeches by giving the Heil symbol, which harkens to his social ancestry and desires for our nation.


Well I'm going to assume you don't actually mean a military salute since Obama is a civilian.  But uh...argument debunked?

Oh and yeah I hear Obama screams "HEIL OBAMA!" and raises his arm, which is repeated by the crowd several times before he begins his speech.  I also heard he attacked a 5th grade class that was saying the pledge of allegiance.  Just kinda saw red and started swinging.  He HATES IT when you say the pledge.

4. Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler Wrote A Book about “Their Struggle”
Obama: Obama is well-versed in the application of Machiavellian politics. He understands the true purpose of The Prince but twists it to its most sinister ends: to win over the crowd so he can use them for building a empire of evil, based on false love and deep fear.

Obama’s biography is titled Barack Obama: What He Believes In. The book paints Obama as a sympathetic character; an everyman. A man who believes in values and morality, a man who is from humble beginnings and is right for America.

The book does not give details on how Obama supports the murder of babies and gives terrorists in Palestine $1 billion dollars of US tax money, so the Palestinians can continue to try King Pharaoh’s goal of killing the Children of Israel.

Obama does not want to bomb Iran into the Stone Age for building nuclear technology that could be used against Israel. Obama wants to make Iran an American ally in his great war against moral, God-fearing nations.

You will not find these facts about him in his books, because it is nothing but Machiavellian propaganda.

Hitler: Hitler’s biography is Mein Kampf: My Struggle.

Muslims believe in what’s called Jihad. It literally means ‘my struggle’. A jihad can be anything; a struggle against over-eating, a struggle to be a better mother. A struggle to kill all Americans dead because they hate our freedom.

Hitler’s struggle was tricking people into thinking that he cared about them and the nation of Germany. Even his ‘own’ people were a simple tool for him and his end goal; to make Satan proud by destroying God’s children. After that was done, Hitler would have been satisfied and not cared about anything else.

My friends, Barack Obama has a jihad as well: why did ACORN help him get into office: so he could promote a social health care system that will leave the old uncovered and dieing of the common cold?

Why does Barack Obama support the genocide and scapegoating of all children that live in their mother’s womb? His true story is this: he supports gays and abortion, so therefore is not Christian. And if you are not Christian, you are anti-Christian, anti-America and anti-God.

You are anti-Christ.

And there it is.  From the context he could easily mean that the man is just the opposite of Christ and not actually THE anti-Christ, but that's getting awfully close to the line and you'd have to be rather ignorant to call someone "anti-Christ" and not think everyone is going to take it as THE anti-Christ.

But hey, you know, the crazy is complete.

The rest of argument number four?  Yeah, Obama wrote a book about himself.  Hitler wrote about himself.  Weird coincidence.  Who writes a book about them self?  Certainly not politicians.

5. Veiling Their True Names Under The Fabric of Lies

Obama: Fun fact – Barack Obama’s real name is Barry Soetoro.

Fun fact:  Obama's birth name is Barack Hussein Obama II. 

Another Fun Fact:  No one cares!  I don't care if is real name was Castro Stalin Genghis, it doesn't mean anything.

I'm not totally convinced that the person who posted this isn't a troll since it's easily in the top 10 for the most insane things I've ever read.  Even if it is the comments on the note are overwhelmingly supportive with 16 "likes" and positive comments from a bit under a dozen different people.  Only person actually voices anything other than support, and it's hardly what I'd call disagreeing.

Now I do believe abortion is genocide, I have been known to call Democrats (including Obama) fascists, and when some random protester holds up a sign comparing Obama to Hitler it doesn't particularly bother me.  But that's because I assume it's more of a statement and less that the person actually thinks the two are virtually one and the same.  However some people this have crossed that line.  No one should get a free pass just because they're critical of Obama or wrote in "Republican" or "Conservative" next to their political beliefs, yet to often they do.

The Conservative movement of today has to be both rational and principled.  I remember how the Leftists acted during Bush, and I don't want to be associated with anything remotely close to that insanity.  They got a pass because the media supported them, but we don't have that luxury.  If we want people who are curious about the Conservative, anti-Obama stance we have to present ourselves as people with well thought out beliefs.  Otherwise we only serve to drive away everyone with the sense to spot insanity.

The person who posted this on facebook is called ČonserVapidia Ŝaroka.  We have 124 our of roughly 200 networking friends in common.  If you're reading this and you're friends with him I urge to drop him or actually point out how stupid his arguments are.  Just because we're all on the right side of things doesn't mean we can't disagree with one another.  Sometimes just polite disagreements, and other times we have to say "No, we will not let our ideology be associated with someone like you."

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