Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lets freak out over anti-Illegal immigration laws!

You wouldn't think it'd be such a hard concept to grasp since the word illegal is actually in the word, but apparently liberals haven't quite figured out that being an illegal immigrant is in fact illegal.  So when Arizona passed a law that made it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant, liberals reacted the way they always do.  With insanity...

I’m glad I’ve already seen the Grand Canyon.

 Because I’m not going back to Arizona as long as it remains a police state, which is what the appalling anti-immigrant bill that Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law last week has turned it into.

What would Arizona’s revered libertarian icon, Barry Goldwater, say about a law that requires the police to demand proof of legal residency from any person with whom they have made “any lawful contact” and about whom they have “reasonable suspicion” that “the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States?” Wasn’t the system of internal passports one of the most distasteful features of life in the Soviet Union and apartheid-era South Africa?

...and stupidity.

Opponents of Arizona's new anti-immigrant law are calling for a boycott of the state's products - including the popular Arizona Iced Tea.

The problem: Arizona Iced Tea is actually brewed in New York.
Online, misguided tea fans vowed to switch to Lipton or Snapple.

"Dear Arizona: If you don't change your immigration policy, I will have to stop drinking your enjoyable brand of iced tea," Twittered Jody Beth in Los Angeles.

"It is the drink of fascists," wrote Travis Nichols in Chicago.

Of course their reactions could hardly stop there. 

So why are the liberals so upset over this law?  As far as I can tell they didn't get their way and now they're throwing a hissy fit over it.  I say that because I can't find anything highly objectionable about this law.  The law basically gives police in the state of Arizona the power to question someone on their immigration status if they have reasonable suspicion to do so.  The fear here is that police will abuse their power and start questioning everyone of Latino descent. 

That's a reasonable concern, but the liberal reaction is totally uncalled for even under normal circumstances, but it gets worse when you look below the surface. Take, for example, the executive order issued by Governor Jan Brewer that authorizes the state police board to establish just what "reasonable suspicion" is, while at the same time declaring that there would be no racial profiling.  Yeah it's possible that the police could violate the law and resort to racial profiling, but with the state clearly defining what a cop can and can't do legally it becomes more of a bad cop problem and not a bad law problem.

Polls on the matter don't help liberals either.  60% of Americans support legislation like the one passed in Arizona, a majority of Latino's in Arizona support the law, and Governor Brewer has seen a significant boost in support since signing the law.

Reasonable people would of at least waited to see how the state police defined reasonable suspicion before voicing their discontent.  Then again reasonable people wouldn't resort to calls of fascism and apartheid over what polls prove is a mainstream line of thinking.

Reasonable people would of also placed the blame squarely where it belongs:  On the Federal government.  Arizona is the gateway to America for illegal immigrants, and as such suffers from drug running, kidnappings, and violent crime.  Some statistics:

  • Border patrol agents in Arizona arrest an average of 900 illegal immigrants a day for a total of 990,000 over the last three years.  Or 45% of the national total.
  • Federal agents seized 1.5 million pounds of marijuana last year
  • Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of America, with roughly one person being kidnapped every day in recent years

It's the Federal government's job to patrol the border and protect it's citizens.  When they failed Arizona was forced to take matters into its own hands.  What's the problem here again?

If you want to see how Mexico is handling the Arizona law I suggest you read Cassy Fiano's post.  Maybe liberals would prefer if we applied Mexican law on illegal immigration to all Mexican illegal immigrants?  Somehow I don't think so.


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  2. Thanks for the link :D

    You're right on the money, especially when it comes to the liberal argument of "They do the work you wont!". Unemployment stands at 9.7%, and a Real Unemployment is much higher than that. It's absurd to think that a man wanting to keep the bank from taking his house won't pick up a job at the chicken processing plant, or do odd jobs for the small amount of extra cash.

    About a week ago an illegal immigrant who had been released from prison the previous day went out and shot a black student who was going to meet the governor next day. Great student and kid apparently, and killed him for no apparent reason. I'd throw a link but I got that tidbit off talk radio. Anyways, point is that blacks should understand the danger of illegal immigration since they often times suffer mostly directly from it.